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HTC Desire 500 Sim Card Reader
£1.19 £0.99 ex. VAT
£1.43 £1.19 inc. VAT
HTC One (M8) Loudspeaker unit
£4.79 £3.99 ex. VAT
£5.75 £4.79 inc. VAT
HTC Orbit 2 P860 charging connector
£0.95 £0.79 ex. VAT
£1.14 £0.95 inc. VAT
HTC Desire X Complete LCD with digitizer
£26.53 £22.11 ex. VAT
£31.84 £26.53 inc. VAT
IPhone 8 Plus Earpiece Mesh
£0.35 £0.42 ex. VAT
£0.42 £0.50 inc. VAT
Genuine Samsung S8 (SM-G950) Complete lcd and touchpad with frame
£167.99 £139.99 ex. VAT
£201.59 £167.99 inc. VAT
Nokia lumia 930 Audio flex
£2.59 £2.50 ex. VAT
£3.11 £3.00 inc. VAT
Nokia Lumia 925 speaker with metal holder
£3.08 £2.99 ex. VAT
£3.70 £3.59 inc. VAT
Nokia Lumia 920 sim tray
£1.99 £1.99 ex. VAT
£2.39 £2.39 inc. VAT
Nokia Lumia 900 battery
£11.59 £9.99 ex. VAT
£13.91 £11.99 inc. VAT
Nokia Lumia 808 LCD screen
£5.59 £4.99 ex. VAT
£6.71 £5.99 inc. VAT
Nokia Lumia 820 Display
£41.59 £34.99 ex. VAT
£49.91 £41.99 inc. VAT


Our company is a Manufacturing and Professional Distributor of Mobile Phone Spare Parts, Devices and Data Cables since 2015 in London. We provide a creative and cost-effective service to our customers providing with a one-stop shop for all mobile products through our direct supply relationships and our innovative approach to new products.
We aim to start our Refurbish Manufacturing Unit Very Soon in London . Our manufacturing unit will help to provide many parts and accessories : We offer various products such as LCD’s, Flex cables, Digitizers, Charging connectors, Microphones, Speakers, Keypad boards, Screen protectors, Cases, Sim readers and holders, Camera Flex, Back Covers, Battery Connectors, etc. This is to ensure that we get you the latest and most innovative products as soon as they are released in the market.
R-Tech has a holistic style that is committed to all its customers either directly as a primary customer or indirectly as a secondary customer. Our Company has grown up and thus stocks an extensive range of products available to dispatch the same day. We believe that by focusing on superior quality, competitive prices and reliable customer services, our company will enjoy a steady Growth in the market.
We work together with our customers and suppliers to offer a broad and innovative portfolio of products.
For our Customers, it is vital that the products we handle are safe to use. We ensure that our products meet the strict and rigorous Quality safety and environmental requirements necessary to maintain the statutory and regulatory requirements as applicable. Our Suppliers are expected to sign up to our Quality safety and environmental commitments and are monitored and assessed to ensured compliance. Our manufacturing Unit will help our customers to see wide range of products which will meet their requirements .with manufacturing unit we would increase our stock which will help the customer.
We can assure you that R-tech can provide the accessory solution you have been looking for.
Thanking you.
R-tech parts and Accessorises Ltd.